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BYM - Release the Barriers to Great Success

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BYM-Academy is proud to partner with the amazing Bruce Cruickshank from Give2Get.

Bruce is an award-winning Sales mentor and leader who has shared with numerous business academies, his own sales leadership.

Bruce is a mentor and leader in the sales world and will share his super easy 5-step formula for you to up your game and create the business you desire.

Using the Subconscious Release Technique is the perfect match for you to understand the world of sales and ensure you communicate effectively with your buyers. You will pass from "sales" into helping with the buying experience. Join us this full week and become the leader in your own business.

Here is what you'll get:

Day 1 – How to use SRT
Day 2 – 5 Steps on How Buyers Buy
Day 3 – 5 Steps of the Sales Cycle
Day 4 – Fundamental Laws of Human Communication
Day 5 – Closing the Sale and what to look for

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