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Name one successful guru that has ever said "your success has nothing to do with your mindset?"

Lenny and Michelle have been working closely with numerous financial, coaching success gurus from relationships, business to investing. All of them have the exact same philosophy, Your Mindset Matters!

If you've ever felt that success eludes you, that you can't lose that weight, that you can't make that money, that you jinx everything... that's your own personal programming. This programming lies under your conscious and into your subconscious where 90% of your actions rely on emotions that you can't access. Using Subconscious Release Technique (SRT), Lenny and Michelle help you uncover those subconscious thoughts that have you attracting negative experiences, and teach you to get rid of them for good, so that you can focus and achieve the success you truly desire. 

Afterall, Your Mindset Matters!

Lenny & Michelle

Lenny and Michelle Post met in 2006 and have worked together ever since, both as a married couple, and now as coaches and specialists on mindset.

Their early marriage had the regular torments of adjusting to a life as a couple from independent living. They have gone through the ups and downs that relationships have that most other couples have not made it. The reason why they made it through? SOSA - Self Observance, Self Awareness. Both of them had to really overcome trauma from their childhoods and previous relationships that hindered their ability to communicate with each other and with the world around them. 

There are a number of modalities that have helped them in their journey together which includes: SOSA, Sacred Gifts, Boundaries, Non-Violent Communication, Certified Co-Active Coaching, numerous business programs including Make You Mark and Phil Town Investing, and now the amazing Subconscious Release Technique. 

Michelle and Lenny live in the beautiful city of Calgary, AB and enjoy a healthy, holistic lifestyle with their gorgeous cats and 1 doggie. They love to share their learnings about their relationship and gratitudes on their facebook page, Saturday Morning with the Shenny, and continue sharing their amazing coaching with others each week as free group sessions so that everyone can experience their own success through releasing their own traumas. 

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How we Can Help You

Each one of our journeys are personal to us and we all take in our different perspectives about our experiences. Many of these experiences can have an impact on how we relate to the world. Sometimes we allow our negative feelings to get the better of us even if we know better, consciously. These feelings can range from anger, passive aggression, resentment, fear, lack of being open and much more. If we don't release these subconscious programs then we may not feel like we are in control of our very own lives. 

We have discovered and experienced the massive benefits of releasing our own subconscious programs in order to have a fuller and more abundant lives. And we are compelled to share this with you to encourage you to your own best success.  

Areas that we cover are:

- Money Mindset

- Investing Mindset

- Holistic Health

- Holistic Nutrition

- Personal Relationships

- Boundaries

What is SRT

The Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) is an amazing energetic technique that releases subconscious programs that may have occurred through childhood or traumatic events in your life.  Lenny and Michelle will dig down to find out what these programs are in your coaching sessions, and then help you energetically release those programs so you can more forward how you've always wanted to. 

Imagine that all of the work that you've done on yourself has suddenly become easy to do as you breathe through trauma and release it. Imagine everything working out as you've visioned and your fears no longer exist and no longer hold you back.